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AK RomMil Airport & Marina

AK Rommil Airport & Marina (ICAOSLRM) is a dual-runway, public inter-regional airport in the northern-east coast of Satori .

Region: Alvensleben

Owners: Robert67 Soulstar, Mara Klaber, Agatha McMahn


CTAF: 129.375 

ATIS: 119.95

Ground: 121.625

Approaches: RW18R, A1, H1 


  • Elevations advisories: AK RomMil Airport has two north-south runways both are paved and lighted for takeoffs and landings.
  • Runway 18R is the landing runway, 256 meters long with a designed northern approach and a runway elevation of 46 meters. Minimum recommended approach is 60 meters.
  • Runway 36R is the takeoff runway with a designed south to north takeoff and a runway elevation of 46 meters.   
  • The primary takeoff and landing runways as well as whole RomMil Airport is built for continuous low-lag status. Pre-landing flyover to cache objects should be considered. Ground textures are 9 only.
  • No weapons and battle activity are allowed.
  • Active automated ATC (Air Traffic Controller). ATC-Grid available.


  • Public rez allowed. Auto-return set to 45 mins.
  • Aviation Fuel Station (DSA, Dani's and Terra) at gate 2. Helipads and Blimp landing area on tower A.
  • Tri-color visual approach slope indicator (VASI).
  • Lighted paved runways and taxiways.
  • LDA RWY 18R string for Dani Airplanes HSI Hud: AK RomMil Airpor|South|<290000.300000,268031.300000,44.789060>
  • Fire Department + SAR + Guardia Costiera
  • 110 Dummies not present until someone enters into their range of 20 meters, in this way pilots landing using a high draw distance won't be affected by loading all their textures and mesh.

General facilities

  • 1 Mid-sized terminal building with:
    • x3 gates (x1 public, x2 rental).
    • x11 helipads (x1 public, x10 rental) on Tower A.
    • x1 public airship dock on Tower A.
    • Waiting lounge at 2nd floor on Terminal A.
    • x12 airline check-in desks
  • x1 Control towers (active elevators)
  • LandMaster Score Analyzer System and Scoreboard on Tower A
  • Marina.
    • x16 Rental boat slips;
    • Marina Dance Club.
  • Teleport board to all areas.
  • Airport beacons.
  • Free jetski, hovercraft and car rezzer.



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