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Aeromiao is a non-commercial "taxi-service" airline offering air travel on no set timetable to certain qualified airports in Second Life®. Owned and operated by cat avatars and cat-affiliated human avatars, the airline has its head office and operations center at White Star Airfield.


Founded in 2008, Aeromiao maintained check-in facilities only at the two East River airports, at White Star Airfield, at Baitoushan, and at Second Norway Lufthavn. In 2017, after economic instability and a regime change in the East River Community, the airline was restructured into a purely on demand/air taxi service. Check-in is handled plane-side at all other facilities. The airline also operates at most other airports as decreed by its pilots; there is also a short list of airports that it generally does not operate at due to disagreements with management, design/layout/realism, or personal history.


An Aeromiao flight preps for departure at Seychelles Isles International Airport (November 2014).

Airports in Second Life® served by Aeromiao include:


Aeromiao does not operate a fixed 'fleet' of aircraft, but rather a collection of aircraft operated by affiliated owners that have been franchised with the Aeromiao logo and colors. As of February 2015, the Aeromiao fleet frequently includes the following aircraft (as well as multiple other fixed- , rotary-wing, and lighter-than-air aircraft operated by its staff bearing the Aeromiao or Cargomiao livery):