Air Liberta is a virtual commercial airline in Second Life®. The airline served the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between all major airports within the Nautilus, Blake Sea and Satori regions, with Commuter Flights to various airport destinations.


Inspired by Saddam and Apolon of France Liberta, Shyshy Mayako founded Air Liberta in the fourth quarter of 2013. Mayako had previously operated a virtual airport in the 'Fraternita' region of Second Life (part of the french Liberta Communes called World) prior to making a fresh start with Air Liberta. The airline was based at his second airport, Liberta Inter-City Airport at 'Ashuertus' in northern Satori. Both the business and its facility ceased operating during the first quarter of 2014. In July 2015 open again operated by kelysiah Lucci (kelysiah) and you headquarter is in Gorlanova Airport.


Air Liberta promo video

Air Liberta promo video

Airports in Second Life® served by Air Liberta include:


As of July 2015, the Air Liberta fleet includes the following aircraft: