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The Airbus A220 (ICAO: BCS3 / WAKE: HEAVY) is a narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airliner Created in Second Life by McKeenan Aviation the aircraft was based on the real-life Airbus A220 manufactured by Airbus.


The Real Life Airbus A220 is originally designed and built by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace, now marketed by Airbus and built by Airbus Canada Limited Partnership. The 108 to 133-seat CS100 (now A220-100) made its maiden flight on 16 September 2013, was awarded an initial type certification by Transport Canada on 18 December 2015, and entered service on 15 July 2016 with Swiss Global Air Lines. The 130 to 160-seat CS300 (now A220-300) first flew on 27 February 2015, received an initial type certification on 11 July 2016, and entered service with launch customer airBaltic on 14 December 2016. Early operators recorded better-than-expected fuel burn and dispatch reliability, as well as positive feedback from passengers and crew. Airbus acquired a 50.01% majority stake in the CSeries program in October 2017, with the deal closing in July 2018. As part of the deal, Bombardier retained a 31% stake in the aircraft and Investissement Québec 19%. Airbus plans to open a second assembly line for the aircraft at its Mobile, Alabama factory. [1]


  • Eject the passenger intruders
  • Three-stage Co-piloting - Passive, semi-active or full control co-pilot modes.
  • Adjust pilot seat up/down & forward/back and also. Adjust Co-Pilot seat up/down
  • Owner & Co-pilot HUD
  • Pilot Cameras now editable & savable for individual planes
  • First-class & Economy class seating
  • GTFO pre-installed (Cargo)
  • Independent Pilot and Co-pilot Cameras
  • Moving rudder, ailerons, elevators, flaps, leading-edge slats and wing spoiler
  • Working cockpit instrumentation - glass cockpit with complimentary analogue gauges.
  • Visible & audible warning if stalling and the Audible warnings for Landing Gear/Flap deployment and retraction
  • 3 auto-level options 3 handling modes 2 steering modes Rudder steer option.
  • Auto-flare when landing (if auto-levelling is active)
  • Rezzable animated Pushback (tow) truck (Pax & Cargo)
  • Animated Cargo unloading system (Cargo)
  • Custom Sit animations in all crew and passenger seats
  • Engines and winglets added to Paint applier script
  • Improved engine animations and effects
  • LCD Feature! - Two passenger LCD screens per seat (back-seat and overhead) Auto takeoff & landing announcements to passengers via LCD screens.
  • Significant script reductions & optimisations
  • Rezzable Stairs and/or modern-style Ramps (Pax)
  • Force-fly option - logout/crash recovery tool, and VTOL in congested airports.  Just Click and Fly!
  • Resit pilot during flight
  • ATC radio chatter
  • Cargo containers display modifiable random skins



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