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The Airbus A318 (ICAO: A318 / WAKE: HEAVY) is a narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airliner. Created in Second Life by Dani Aircraft, the aircraft was based on the real-life A318 manufactured by Airbus.


The real-life Airbus A318 is the smallest member of the Airbus A320 family of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger twin-engine jet airliners. The A318 carries up to 132 passengers and has a maximum range of 3,100 nmi (5,700 km; 3,600 mi).[1] Final assembly of the aircraft takes place in Hamburg, Germany. The aircraft shares a common type rating with all other Airbus A320 family variants, allowing existing A320 family pilots to fly the aircraft without the need for further training. It is the largest commercial aircraft certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency for steep approach operations, allowing flights at airports such as London City.[2] Originally marketed as the A-318, Dani Aircraft re-branded their replica aircraft as the 'D-318' during 2015 in a bid to differentiate their aircraft from the Airbus brand.


  • Pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD) attachment.
  • Pilot / co-pilot control.
  • Working cockpit instruments with clickable switches.
  • Animated components (engines, doors, flaps, ailerons, rudder, landing gear etc.).
  • Interior lighting (cockpit and cabin).
  • Exterior lighting (landing light, navigation lights, strobes, and beacon).
  • Electrical System.
  • Independent engines.
  • Crosswind System.
  • Optional fuel system (Dani Fuel).
  • In-flight passenger entertainment.
  • Included liveries, proprietary paint application system.
  • Rezable ground-support props (ground power unit, x2 stairs, pushback tug).


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