Airfield: SLAK - Aniak Airfield

Region: Azkul @ (1133, 1088)

Manager: Syler Avon (owner), Cinn Bouchard (owner)


Characteristic: Grass Strip of 152m 

Approaches: RW36

Takeoffs: RW18

  • Travel Destination of "Blake Sea Regional"
  • Travel Destination of "MING AIR"
  • Tie-downs vacant: 2 L$/Prim - custom amounts in 50 prim blocks

30 minutes return time for "non-renters".

Every plane type is welcome to use the airfield, tie-downs are rather made for small and business prop planes.

NEW: You now can live on Aniak and fly and sail here:

Cabins for rent - with a tie-down for small planes next to the house!

Entry for Dani's HSI indicator would be

"Aniak Airfield S|North|<290168.500000,278638.100000,29.663500>"