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Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air (ICAO: AAKA - IATA: TRN-MXP)

About us Edit

Our joint venture with our two flight companies has started in 2010 mostly supported by Mara Klaber. In 2016 we increased our effort offering wider travels all over the Second Life® grid also increasing our presence getting some desks and check-in areas in important Second Life® airports. Step by step our fleet got larger from small airplanes to big ones, helicopters and we have recently added blimps/airships too . We also offer exclusive private flights on demand (for weddings and movies).

We are passionate about flights as we try to re-create, on SL, the best flight experiences that you dream of in your real life. We care for our customers and passengers that which consider as passionate as we are and, hence, friends rather than simply "customers".

For this reason, we'll never ask our passengers to pay for a flight. We're confident that, if they enjoy the fight they'll be more than happy to donate a small token of appreciation that will allow us to continue to offer this service to our customers.

Booking flights Edit

Each passenger can easily book a flight at our check-in desks listed in "Mostly frequent destinations" or easily and directly from the Web site:

Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air website

Details Edit

Aquila Airlines, is owned by Roberta889 Aquila and Robert67 Soulstar as a co-owner. Aquila Airlines also operates in collaboration with Unity Airlines . A check-in desk is present at their Flying Burrito Brother Airport .

Klaber Air is owned by Mara Klaber (also Lieutenant Colonel of the Patrouille de France - PAF) and BossolinaMar Resident as co-owner.

Both our Second Life® commercial virtual airlines mostly operate in the Blake Sea region but they also fly to/from all continents.

Mostly frequent destinations Edit

SLSN- Second Norway Lufthavn (Check-in desk available at Terminal A)

SLLX- Luxor Internation (Check-in desk available at Gate 2)

SLBB- Flying Burrito Brothers (Double check-in desk available) from this airport Aquila Airlines flights could depart/arrive in collaboration with Unity Airlines

SLCS- Cheerport (Check-in desk available)

SLAN- Angel's International Airport (Check-in desk available)

SLDR- Delchdork Regional Airport

SLIA- Second Life International Airport

SLSM- St.Martin Airport Airfield

SLAY- Arimto Airport (Check-in desk available)

SLAZ - Abbotts Airport (Check-in desk available)

SLAM - Smugglers Bluff Airport

SLSP - Smugglers Port (Check-in desk available)

and many others on demand excluding White Star "the only airport" from where no one of our planes will depart or land to due to an unacceptable treatment we received by the airport owner.

Our fleet Edit

Boeing 757-200 by McKeenan Aviation (Aquila/Klaber)

British Aerospace BAe146 by McKeenan Aviation (Aquila)

Embraer Phenom D300 by Dani (Aquila/Klaber)

Embraer E170 by Dani (Aquila/Klaber)

Embraer Phenom E120 by Dani (Aquila)

Boeing 737-200 by Dani (Aquila-Klaber)

D-109 by Dani (Aquila/Klaber)

DHC-6 "Twin Otter" by Aeon Voom (Klaber)

Falcon 7x by Erick Gregan (Klaber)

Beechcraft Debonair by DSA (Aquila/Klaber)

ATX72 by Erick Gregan (Klaber)

Learjet 45XR by ZSK (Aquila)

JM-BC Duke (turbine engine equipped) by Java Designs (Aquila)

XTI Trifan 600 by Virtual SYS Design/Shana Carpool (Aquila/Klaber)

Blimp/Airship by Rubber Bunny (NEW!!! Book a panoramic flight on it! Aquila/Klaber)

Videos Edit

Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air 2018 - Second Life flight experience

Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air 2018 - Second Life flight experience

Aquila Airlines / Klaber Air official video (3'15")

Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air - Second Life - Spot 2018

Aquila Airlines - Klaber Air - Second Life - Spot 2018

Aquila Airlines / Klaber Air spot (2'11")

Images Edit

Blimp 032
Gumbold-Gaeta OK

757 Gumbold Airport - Gaeta Airport

Cheerport02 004

Luxor Check-in desk

Cheerport02 007

Second Norway Check-in desk

Cheerport02 001

Cheerport Check-in desk

757 KA

757-200 by Klaber Air


Cheerport Check-in desk

Snapshot 003-1532179585

757-200 by Aquila Airlines

SLBG Norway OK