Ash Studios Airfield (ICAO: SLAS) is a public skyport free-floating 270m above the surface of the 'Erik' region of north-eastern Nautilus. Ash Studios has also set up a small airfield at ground-level. The airport is the home of Ash Studios aviation products.

Landing Advisories

  • Elevation advisory: Free-floating sky port platform at approx 270m. Minimum recommend approach at 280m.
  • Large wingspan aircraft advisory.
  • Short runway advisory.


The home of Ash Studios aviation products, the skyport features a 64m x 16m runway, with visual approach aids. Anyone can rez a demo, or land their own aircraft (within the prim & size limits). Usually, only group members (Ashone Aircraft Owners Club) may rez their own aircraft for flights out from here, although sometimes visiting pilots are allowed "anyone" rez on request. All of the shop stock is in the hangars at this level.[1]

During April 2014 airfield management decided to construct a second runway at ground level, believing that the land had been "mostly wasted". Located in the south-west corner of the 'Erik' region, the 96m x 16m asphalt runway was designed to accommodate aircraft up to 30m wingspan. Approach is from the west, across 'Arnthrud' water. Management notes that the threshold is a sim crossing, so exercise caution on finals.


Currently, there are no scheduled services operating to or from Ash Studios Airfield, however charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • Shops/avionics vendors.
  • Beach & dock (at ground level).



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