Second Life Aviation Wiki

Aviation Fueling Station at SLNH.

Aviation fuel is part of a simulated fuel system used in many Second Life aircraft. Due to the diversity of vehicles and manufacturers there are several competing fuel standards operating within Second Life.

How does it work?

While not all Second Life vehicles are equipped with a 'fuel tank', many manufacturers opt to add a simulated fuel system to increase the realism of their aircraft or potentially create another avenue of revenue. While the user's aircraft is in motion or idle it slowly drains simulated fuel. If they run out of fuel, the vehicle stops operating.

The pilot can fuel up at a compatible fuel pump, or even use a fuel can for a small amount of fuel when away from a pump. To begin the refuel process the user touches the pump while sitting in their vehicle (users must be within a few meters of the pump). In addition, some aircraft vendors choose to bypass pumps/cans entirely and opt for a trigger word, such as "refuel", which when typed in local chat enables refueling.

Fuel types

Fuel standard Creator Used by Description
Terra Aircraft Fuel Terra Aeronautics Terra Aeronautics  Old, but still widely used and supported. Fuel supplied in cans and red antique-style Terra/Abbotts branded fuel pumps.
DSA Aircraft Fuel Drusilla Saunders Aeronautics

DSA Aeronautics,
Spijkers & Wingtips,
EG Aircraft

Widely used and supported. Supplied at Texaco branded fuel stations. Also supplied at ToxxonGlobal fuel stations and unmarked combi-fuel pumps. DSA fuel is present at most mid-to-large airports.
TBM Aircraft Fuel Tania Bouvier Motors Tania Bouvier Motors Unique to TBM manufactured aircraft, this fuel is provided at red antique-style Flying Gasoline branded pumps. Only bundled with TBM aircraft, it is rarely available at airports.
Dani Aircraft Fuel Dani Aircraft Dani Aircraft Unique to Dani Aircraft, this fuel-standard is provided at large refuelling stations branded with "Dani Airplanes".
Global Fuel System (GFS) NTBI Group NTBI Group & other automobile manufacturers Supplied from distinctive green RoxOil pumps; also comes in gas cans. Currently only supports conventional gasoline and diesel, not aviation fuel at this time.

Fuel dispensers

A fuel dispenser is a machine at a filling station that is used to pump virtual fuel into vehicles. Fuel dispensers are also known as bowsers (in Australia), petrol pumps (in Commonwealth countries), or gas pumps (in North America). Below are a variety of fuel dispensers present at Second Life airports.