The Avro 683 Lancaster (ICAO: LANC / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a British four-engine heavy Bomber aircraft. Produced by Tumansky Heavy Industries for Second Life, the aircraft is a close replica of a real Avro Lancaster, produced by the Avro Company for the Royal Air Force in 1942, and was in service during and up the the end of WWII.


The Avro Lancaster's model was created by Seb Serenity of Jester Avionics and is constructed completely of Sculpted and Standard prims. It also comes with 8 paints to choose from, created by Karl Reismen of THI.

The aircraft is capable of starting up all four engines separately via local chat or by HUD. The Lancaster features a WindSim system, which simulates wind directed that effects the aircraft's flight performance and direction. In addition to the wind system, a Trim system was also added to assist the aircraft's direction of flight.

The Lancaster features a realistic functioning Bomber scope HUD, created with the combined efforts of Aeon Voom and Tank Kawasze, which is used by the Bombardier to assist their aim on a target. The scope uses a mixture of LSL Camera parameters to create a zoomed-up scope effect, and has a reticle that is sensitive to the Aircraft's velocity and direction.

As of Version 1.0, the aircraft is sold with a combat vehicle, a display model, a display model with shadow, a Bomber Heads-up display (HUD), and a Heads-up display (HUD).

Combat System

The Avro Lancaster is a combat-ready aircraft that is equipped with a VICE Combat System.

List of the Lancaster's VICE stats:



  • 3 x LMG Turret guns


  • Payload 1: 4 x SMB Bombs
  • Payload 2: 2 x MDB Bombs
  • Payload 3: 1 x LGB Bomb
  • Payload 4: 1 x LGB Bomb


  • Pilot HUD featuring accurately-styled flight instrumentation and aircraft information.
  • Bombardier HUD, allowing the bombardier to accurately drop payloads on ground targets.
  • Real Lancaster Sounds
  • guest pilot support, co-pilot support
  • custom-designed special effects, including combat damage smoke and Engine loss due to damage.
  • Vice Combat System
  • several VICE-enabled Bomb Payloads.
  • 3 defensive turrets.
  • 6 camera angles to choose from
  • fully-animated landing gear, flight surfaces and flaps.
  • lots of fun ;)


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