The Bay Super V (ICAO: BE35 / WAKE: LIGHT) is a four seater twin-engine aircraft. Created in Second Life by DSA Aeronautics, the aircraft was based on the real-life Bay Super V, built by Bay Aviation (formerly Oakland Airmotive) - itself a conversion of the Beechcraft Bonanza.


Beginning in the late 1950s the United States aircraft company Bay Aviation (formerly Oakland Airmotive) produced nine twin-engine conversions of the Beechcraft Bonanza called the Super "V" Bonanza. After production was shifted to Canada in 1962, five more aircraft were built for a total production run of fourteen. The basis of the conversion was the early Model 35 Bonanza with the original small V-tail surfaces.

Available only in-world, DSA Aeronautics' recreation of the Bay Super V features a fully-featured pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD), working doors, landing gear, flaps, reverse thrust, autopilot, ground proximity warning system (GPWS), and realistic lighting (landing light, navigation lights, strobes, and beacon).


  • Pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Working lighting (landing light, navigation lights, strobes, and beacon).
  • Working flaps, landing gear, and doors.
  • Ground proximity warning system (GPWS).
  • Seats up to four people.
  • Refuelling system (DSA Fuel).
  • Aircraft log.
  • Fully customizable.


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