The Bell 212 Twin Huey (ICAO: B212 / WAKE: LIGHT) was a two-blade, twin-engine, medium helicopter. Built in Second Life by AeroFly, the aircraft was based on the real-life Bell 212 Twin Huey manufactured by Bell Helicopter.


Originally manufactured by Bell Helicopter in Fort Worth, Texas, production on the real-life 212 was moved to Mirabel, Quebec, Canada in 1988, along with all Bell commercial helicopter production after that plant opened in 1986. The 212 is marketed to civilian operators and has a fifteen-seat configuration, with one pilot and fourteen passengers. In cargo configuration the 212 has an internal capacity of 220 ft³ (6.23 m³). An external load of up to 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) can be carried.

Released by AeroFly in early 2015, the replica Bell 212 Twin Huey was abruptly removed from sale during May 2015. While the builder has remained silent on the issue, anti-piracy protesters had previously drawn attention to the aircraft's mesh model[1] and claim that its removal had been the result of a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notice by Cera Sim Aircraft, a simulation software developer who specialize in developing aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.[2] In November 2015, sales of AeroFly's Bell 212 were resumed in-world only.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD) with flight instruments, map display, and an SBS alert system that warns of approaching sim boundaries.
  • Working lighting (navigation lights).
  • Animated components (x6 doors, x4 maintenance hatches, and main/tail rotors).
  • Functioning cockpit instruments.
  • AeroFly pilot headset included.


November 2015

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