Black Sheep Commuter Air (ICAO: BSC / IATA: BC / Call-sign: BLACKSHEEP) is a virtual air commercial company in Second Life ®. Black Sheep Commuter Air is owned by Gineva and Jjaza Johnson-MacLeod. It serves the Second Life® grid with travel between several airports across all the mainland continents.

Founded 2014


We are black sheep. We do things differently. We are not your standard airline, and don't play white sheep games. A romantic trip with us is not something you will soon forget.

Our normal runs are between JM Airport to/from Second Norway and JM Airport to/from Angels IX where we have our well known Gaelic and Garlic restaurants in both places.

Our specialty however, is romance. Imagine a location with a beautiful country bed and breakfast restaurant. Your overnight stay includes all meals, luxury room for two, and full service by staff if needed.

Maybe you and that special someone want to be officially inducted into the mile high club. We have a fully adult luxury 737 for that purpose.

On the other hand if you need just transportation between two airports we can do that too.

Vintage flights, and MAC flights available.



As 2019, the Black Sheep Air Service fleet includes the following aircraft:

  • Airbus 318
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 757
  • Embraer 120
  • Embraer Phenom 300
  • Cessna Caravan
  • DC 3
  • C 130
  • BAE 146

Flight rules for passengers

  • Passengers are requested to remove all unnecessary scripts and are reminded that the pilot is at liberty to refuse to transport any passenger - for any reason.
  • Passengers need detach AO, scripted hair, any devices for flight or other type; maximum scripts: 30 or less.