History_Icon.png This is a historic article about an airport which no longer exists or has been replaced. History_Icon.png

Blake North Navel Air Station (NASB) was a public military airport and naval base occupying the 'Denfelir' region of south-western Corsica. The facility was composed of both a ground-level airbase and a skyport floating at 178 meters.

Landing Advisories

  • Large wingspan/short runway advisory (at ground-level).
  • 10 second security orb located directly west of the 'Denfelir' region.
  • Free-floating skyport platform at approx 178m. Minimum recommend approach at 188m.


Constructed during late Summer 2014, Blake North Navel Air Station (Blake NAS) was a facility split over two distinct airports - a full public skyport and an airstrip/heliport at ground-level. The skyport was accessible via a doorway teleporter at the Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) building. Circa May 2015 the facility ceased operating and was dismantled.


As a military airport, there were no scheduled services operating to or from Blake North NAS.

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • x16 rental hangars - skyport only.
  • Docks - ground-level only.
  • Second Life Coast Guard (SLCG) station - ground-level only.