Blazing Arrow (formerly Blazing Arrow Aviation) (Call-sign: Arrow) is a private aircraft in Second Life ®. Blazing Arrow is owned by Derek Forgraine.


Blazing Arrow operates two aircraft - one fixed wing, currently a Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow with the Call-sign: ARROW ONE, and one rotary wing, currently a D-109_(Dani) (AgustaWestland AW109) with the Call-sign: ARROW TWO. These aircraft are for the private use of Derek Forgraine.

The Call-sign ARROW is registered to Derek Forgraine



Blazing Arrow currently rents a tie down at the following airport:


As of July 2016 the name Blazing Arrow with the Call-sign ARROW is used by two aircraft:

  • Piper PA-28R Cherokee Arrow (Dani)
  • D-109_(Dani)(AgustaWestland AW109 multi-purpose helicopter)

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