The Boeing 737-800 (ICAO: B738 / WAKE: HEAVY) is a twin-engine narrow-body jet airliner. Jointly created in Second Life by E-Tech and Coltercraft Aviation, the aircraft was based on the real-life Boeing 737-800 built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.


The real-life Boeing 737-800 is a third generation derivative of the classic Boeing 737. Produced since 1996 by Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the 737-800 is one of four variations which make up the Boeing 737NG (Boeing 737 Next Generation) series of short to medium-range, narrow-body jet airliners.

Compared to earlier models of the Boeing 737, other than an increased fuel capacity and upgraded aerodynamic elements, the biggest improvement to the 737-800 is the large blended winglets fitted on the wing tips. This new design helps to reduce fuel burn and increases the cruising distance.

The E-Tech/Coltercraft Boeing 737-800 was designed with the intention of bringing a flight-simulator-esque experience into Second Life aviation. The product of hundreds of hours of work and testing, the 737 features realistic checklists and procedures, several simulated ground vehicles that rez in the appropriate locations relative to the aircraft, pre-flight safety video, realistic lighting, sounds, and flight physics (scaled down for Second Life).


  • Pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD) attachment.
  • Pilot / co-pilot control.
  • Working cockpit instruments.
  • Animated components (engines, doors/hatches, flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevators, landing gear).
  • Interior lighting (cockpit and cockpit instruments).
  • Exterior lighting (landing light, navigation lights, strobes, and beacon).
  • Realistic checklists.
  • Attachment and non attachment versions.
  • Pre-flight safety video.
  • Included x6 liveries, proprietary paint application system.
  • Rezable ground-support props (catering truck, stair truck, truck carrying jet engine, jet engine on cart, x2 stairs, and baggage loader).