The Boeing Model 234 Chinook (ICAO: H47 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is an American twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Created in Second Life by Amok Dynamics, the aircraft was based on the real-life Model 234 produced by Boeing Rotorcraft Systems.


The Boeing Model 234 was the commercial derivative of the CH-47 family of Chinooks. First built for British Airways to carry passengers and cargo to offshore oil platforms in the North Sea, it incorporated many of the latest technological advances in aircraft development. These included fiberglass composite rotor blades, composite airframe structures, improved engine and drive systems, advanced avionics, and a triple cargo-hook suspension system.

The Model 234 had more windows than its military counterpart and had a longer nose to house weather radar. The long-range passenger version, Model 234LR, could fly 644 miles and had an interior design much like Boeing commercial airplanes, including a galley and overhead bins. The utility version, the Model 234UT, had a 51,000-pound gross weight capacity and could lift extremely heavy equipment, pipelines, towers, bulk containers or even another helicopter.

Amok Dynamics' recreation of the Model 234 features a fully-featured pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD), working doors/ramp, landing gear, multiple liveries, fuel system, and navigation lights. The aircraft is sold in two variants - the 234LR airliner version, and the 234UT utility helicopter designed for fire-fighting and lumber logging.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Sits 22 avatars plus crew.
  • Two flight-modes.
  • Functioning rear ramp & forward door.
  • Functioning landing gear.
  • Controls can be swapped between pilot and copilot and vice versa.
  • Five included liveries, customizable paintjobs with downloadable PSDs.
  • 234UT only: Enhanced cargo hook system. Including fire-fighting buckets for HD and TRP2 systems and Lumber Logging system. Stow-able benches, and lumber pile for the Lumber Logging system.
  • 234LR only: Extra fuel, detailed and authentic airliner interior.


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