Braniff International - SL is a non-profit airline serving the Second Life community with destinations to Nautilus, Corsica,Satori,Gaeta V,Sansara,Heterocera and Jeogeot. It is a retro airline fashioned after the 1960's era of commercial aviation. Founded by Patrick Bateman in August of 2017, the airline features a fleet of modern and vintage commercial aircraft and offers helicopter flights from the airline's heliport in Bleston to Unity North Airport. The airline is headquartered near Delchdork Regional Airport at 7701 Lemmon Avenue in Jorondip. Current fleet includes the MM 727-100C, BAE-146, D-737-300, and D-318 with addition of the D-139 helicopter.Charter flights on request. Please feel free to contact Patrick Bateman for more information.