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The British Aerospace 146 (ICAO: B146 / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a short-medium range Airliner. Created in Second Life by McKeenan Aviation, the aircraft was based on the real-life British Aerospace 146 manufactured by British Aerospace.


The real-life British Aerospace 146 was built by British Aerospace,Avro since 1983 and can carry 70 passengers five abreast, 82 six abreast or 94 in high-density configuration, capable of flying up to 1570 nautical miles (2909 km) nonstop. Intended for short and medium-length flights, the BAe 146 can use fairly short runways at smaller airports. It has four Lycoming ALF 502 engines below the Wing.[1]


  • Eject Passengers
  • Co-pilotable
  • Pilot & co-pilot seating positions adjustable
  • Moving rudder, ailerons, elevators, flaps, sticks and wing and rear spoiler
  • Working cockpit instrumentation
  • Stick shaker & audible warning if stalling.
  • All doors open/close
  • 3 auto-level options.
  • 3 handling modes
  • 2 steering modes.
  • Rudder steer option.
  • Auto-flare when landing (if auto-levelling is active)
  • Rezzable Pushback (tow) truck
  • Self-deploying stairs port side.
  • Low object count.
  • Clickable cabin lighting.
  • Rear spoiler effective whilst airborne.
  • Force-fly option.
  • Crash/logout checking
  • Resit pilot during flight
  • ATC radio chatter
  • Seats up to 12 avatars


Ansett Australian BAe 146 at Home of BAe 146 in Delchdork hangar

PSA BAe 146 at Home of BAe 146 in Delchdork hangar

British Airways BAe 146 at Home of BAe 146 in Delchdork hangar

Kousara's Charters BAe 146 and G-21 Goose at Hollywood Airport.

Kousara's Charters BAe 146 at Hollywood Airport.

Britannia Air BAe 146 at TFIA.


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