British Airways Helicopters (ICAO: BAH / IATA: BH / Call-Sign: BA HEL) is a non-profit high-frequency helicopter shuttle service offering charter flights around the Second Life Grid. BAH operates on the majority of mainland accessible continents.


Regions in Second Life® served by British Airways Helicopters include:



In 2011 the airline bought six Boeing B-234 Chinook (AMOK) for use on the offshore oil support flights.

The company was involved in setting up the Airlink high-frequency helicopter shuttle service between the old continents of Heterocera, Cyclops, Suduffco and Sandra now known as Heterocera Atoll & Sansara. It was responsible for the transportation of the engineering and maintenance crews of the offshore oil rigs and associated activities in the areas providing the flight crew to transport the staff and equipment. Cabin crew were from Retro Travel Airways as was passenger handling at the mainland airports.

In 2017 the airline was sold by British Airways Helicopters to Sweecahcahche Ah's gridnet™ Consortium and renamed under the Gridnet airways banner. The successor company still operate the services between Heterocera Atoll and Sansara six years after it was first scheduled, and now have expanded to cover the linked mainlands around Satori, Nautilus, Corsica, Blake Sea and Gaeta VBritish Airways Helicopters now handle all the rotary aircraft operations for Gridnet airways as a subsidiary of the Parent Company gridnet™ Consortium.

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