Airport designations were created by Zack84 Burton (Fox of Doom) to let pilots know what to expect prior to landing at airports featured on the Second Life Airport Information Guide. In 2008, a survey was conducted where 20 pilots from Sansara and 20 pilots from Satori were asked "which features are most important in a SL Airport?"  The results of their reply helped create the designations system.

For greater clarity regarding the categories or designations, the basic element to which the site is dedicated first (in the box of the ICAO code list) and on its own page will always be placed the rest that it has, for example:

  • If it has a runway, you will always see the categories that go from Community Airstrip to Executive Airport (on its own page it will also indicate if it has other categories of the rest).
  • For the other categories, the first one will always be the most important (if it has a dock of seaplanes or it has a seaplane parking, and also has a heliport, it will always be the first thing, in this case, Seaplane Base).

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