AMOK Dynamics is a manufacturer of Second Life military vehicles and aircraft. Founded by Aeon Voom, AMOK is based at Olds Air Force Base in the Undine chain of independent sims. The business also has a civilian wing in the form of Adventure Air.


Founded alongside the construction of his first aircraft, the CV-22B Osprey, AMOK Dynamics quickly surpassed owner Aeon Voom's previous science fiction-orientated business AMOK to become the entrepreneur's main brand. Although civilian aircraft may be found in AMOK's line-up, the business primarily manufactures military hardware built around the VICE and MCE combat systems. The latter of which, MCE (or Modern Combat Experience), AMOK created from scratch in early 2012.

AMOK has a close working relationship with fellow aviation manufacturer Tumansky Heavy Industries (THI). Following the departure of THI's lead scripter Creem Pye in 2009, Voom took over scripting duties. In Late 2010 and early 2011. Amok Dynamics, THI, Darsh Lucero Meccanica (DLM), East West Industries (EWI), and PROTEC, joined together to form Global Dynamics Technologies S.A. in order to share talents and resources to produce more products for each other. The GDT S.A. initiative has since faded, but has helped the creators work effectively with one another. As of 2015, THI and Amok continue to share labor, making and releasing aircraft for each other's product lines.

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