SL Continent Map - Blake Sea

Location within Second Life.

The Blake Sea was born from Second Life's first "Community Partnership Agreement" between Linden Lab and the United Sailing Sims (USS). Its original intention was to establish an open sailing area with connections to mainland continents. It became much more than that however, developing multiple airports and the largest sustained flight participation of any mainland continent. This has led to a thriving aviation culture in Second Life which extends well beyond the Blake.

Although the Blake Sea its self is owned by Linden Lab, most of the connected island regions which make up the landmass are owned by private commercial interests - such as the Second Norway Estate, the Brook Hill Estate, the Honah Lee Estate, the New England Estate and the Sailor Cove Estate. Although aviation is strongly supported in most of the Blake, due to the high level of air transit in the area, please be mindful of boats and people enjoying this tropical paradise by other means. The Blake Sea is connected to the Nautilus continent to the west and Satori to the south-west.

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