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Dani Aircraft is a manufacturer of civilian/military aircraft and weapons in Second Life. The business was founded by Daniels Fall and is based in the 'Sadoul' region.

In 2019 Daniels Fall started a "new generation" of planes with even more realistic flight behaviour. Also, the planes of the actual series can be customized by the pilot, not only as for the livery, but for the speed settings. There are 3 different flight behaviours, and in case of the D-207 there are also 3 different weight settings. All this affects minimum throttle and other parameters. The types of the "2nd generation" are:

  • D-121 (in RL: Embraer 121 "Xingu") - twin engine, turboprop
  • D-207 (in RL: Cessna 207 "Skywagon"/"Stationair") - single engine, 3 weight settings
  • D-690 (in RL: Rockwell "Commander" 690) - twin engine, turboprop
  • D-Naly (in RL: Textron Cessna "Denali") - single turboprop, not yet released in RL
  • D-50 (In RL: Cessna T-50 "Bobcat") - twin engine, retro plane (release 1939)
  • D-TREL Experimental Amphiplane (in RL: EDRA "Super Pétrel") - amphiplane, single engine
    • D-TREL has (like in RL) no flaps, caused by the construction of the double-decker wings
  • Sea-D (in RL: Republic "SeaBee") - amphiplane, single engine, retro (release 1945)


Originally focusing on the development of Second Life weaponry, the business was founded by Daniels Fall as "Dani - Weapons" and continues to trade on the Second Life Marketplace under the name. Dani Aircraft has since focused almost solely on passenger and general aviation aircraft.

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