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Location of Heterocera Atoll within Second Life.

Heterocera Atoll is the grid’s second oldest continent and a land of sharp and beautiful contrasts; from the mountainous peaks in the north, to the aqua blue central seas and the gently sloping grasslands leading to the hundreds of coastal sims. The continent has few airports, most of them being skyports floating well above the crowded surface. The lack of protected waterfront has made this continent a difficult place for the aviation community to embrace. However, everyone should make the trip through the airports of Heterocera Atoll at least once.

What it lacks in airports, Heterocera makes up for with numerous activities. In particular, the extensive Linden Route 1; a vast coastal roadway which snakes around most of the continent's beaches and fjords. Also unique to Heterocera is the SLRR, or Second Life Railroad, developed and administrated by the Linden Department of Public Works. This extensive series of tracks and stations crisscross the continent, following along with the interior roadways, or cutting their own trails through the dense forests. There are plenty of unique places to explore and discover, most of which require you to give up the teleport button and take to the skies, the rails or the open road. Heterocera Atoll is only connected to the Sansara continent to the south via the ANWR Channel.

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