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Location of Sansara within Second Life.

Sansara was the first "continent" to be constructed on the Second Life grid. Indeed, it was the very embodiment of the term "mainland" at the beginning of Second Life's existence. You can still locate the original dozen or so sim regions which made up the original Second Life mainland in the central western portion of the continent. As a result of this rich history, it now contains the oldest and longest continuously operating airports to be found in-world. Although protected landings can be hard to come by here, pilots will enjoy the vast number of airports to explore.

Sansara also contains Second Life's oldest (Nova Albion) and largest (Bay City) cities. The continent still hosts regular events, including a few still managed by Linden Labs, such as the Winter Festival and Annual Linden Snowball Fight which occur each Christmas season in the snowy region of the continent's southwest. Sansara actually has the only year-round snow of the primary mainland continents. Some of the extensive roads through these snowy sims offer the best photo opportunities on the grid. Sansara is connected to the Heterocera Atoll continent to the north and since 2019 also connected to the so called Korean Continent Jeogeot via the "Linden Home" Continent Bellisseria from the south of Sansara. Long distance flights now are possible, theoretically from Heterocera, Sansara and Bellisseria to at least the Jeogeot Gulf Region.

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