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Location of Satori within Second Life.

Satori, also known as the "Japanese Continent", has had a turbulent aviation history. Once an extremely popular aviation destination, the continent was in strict competition with Sansara for the most active airports on the Second Life grid. In the early days of the Satori continent, it’s expansive northern coastline allowed for long flights protected by Linden Ocean. This allowed early airports to thrive such as S+R Headquarters, Royier Airforce Base, and the inland Mounford Airport.

As Nautilus’ popularity grew however, Satori’s dwindled giving it the unhappy record of being the continent with the most closed facilities. To date, it has more than four times the number of closed airports to its credit than Nautilus, the second most common continent for airport closures. Despite this, in 2014 the continent recovered and now boasts the two largest airports in Second Life - Aleksandr International Airport and the Blake Sea/Claremont conglomeration. Most airports are clustered along the northern coast although one interior airport has been able to thrive for an extended period. The continent is directly connected to Nautilus in the north and the Blake Sea to the northeast.

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