Spijkers & Wingtips is a manufacturer of helicopters, aircraft, boats and other Second Life vehicles. It was founded in 2006 by Tig Spijkers and Amythest Wingtips and currently operates out of Honah Lee Trudeau Airfield (HLT Airfield) in the Honah Lee Estate - a group of sims to the south of the Blake Sea operated by Hollywood Real Estates.


Founded in 2006, Spijkers & Wingtips was originally based at the (the now defunct) Kinrara Airfield in south-western Corsica. In 2013 the facility was superseded and replaced by S&W's new airfield venture in the 'Honah Lee Trudeau' region of the (recently formed) Honah Lee Estate. The developer continues to offer free trial versions of their aircraft from this site. While Spijkers & Wingtips' portfolio of Second Life vehicles is fairly broad - ranging from coast guard patrol boats to turbo-prop light aircraft and jet fighters - the company is generally best known for its range of civilian and military helicopters. Since mid-2014, S&W has worked closely Virtual Syl Designs, collaborating on various aircraft projects; beginning with their replica MD-900 Explorer.

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