Terra Aeronautics is a manufacturer of aircraft, hovercraft, submarines and other Second Life vehicles. It was founded in September 2003 by Cubey Terra and is primarily based in the 'Abbotts' region of western Sansara.


In 2003, Terra Aeronautics' owner and designer, Cubey Terra, built his first vehicle and has since created over seventy more under the Terra Aeronautics name. From 2003 to 2009, Terra constructed an extensive range of light aircraft, balloons and airships using regular prims, later moving to sculpted prims once the standard became available. The manufacturer is also notable for creating the Terra aircraft fuel standard and the Terra Combat System (TCS).

After a period of inactivity lasting from April 2013, Terra Aeronautics was officially reopened for trading and construction in November 2014. Since then, Terra have continued to develop new aircraft and Second Life vehicles, utilizing modern methods of construction such as the adoption of mesh.

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