Velocity Aeronautics is a manufacturer of civilian, military and unorthodox aircraft in Second Life. Founded and operated by Angus Chrome and Gossem Hinterland, the business currently operates out of their headquarters at New Horizons Airport.


Velocity Aeronautics was founded circa 2008-11, by virtual aviation enthusiasts Angus Chrome and Gossem Hinterland, after the pair encountered each-other at Pirate Air Airport, flying quirky aircraft which they had built (with Angus flying an armchair airplane he had created, and Gossem a bathtub plane).[1] Originally constructing aircraft using regular prims, the manufacturer progressively adopted sculpted prims and later mesh following their respective introduction into Second Life. Velocity Aeronautics specializes in designing rare and unique aircraft, usually based on vintage or experimental designs, along with quirky or surreal flying machines. Their vehicles are built in-house from scratch, modelled, textured and scripted by Gossem Hinterland and Angus Chrome.



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