Che Che Airfield (ICAO: SLCH) Edit

Che Che Airfield ((ICAO: SLCH) 145m (476')) is a platform based airfield formed in mid 2016, located on the southern region Che Che of the continent Satori.

Approach/Departure Edit

Approach: HDG 360 -> SLCH RWY 36 from the south in Pan Ho. Ideal sim crossing height into Che Che is at 170m. Follow PAPI lights and Localizer beam to touchdown point. RWY surface at 145m (476') HDG 360 Edit

Departure: Rezz aircraft in on the south end of airfield. Depart RWY 36 to the north. Fly runway heading 360. See hazards for departure restrictions. Edit

Description Edit

Che Che Airfield has a single asphalt runway located at 145m (RWY36) that it uses for both departures and arrivals for fixed-wing aircraft. In addition, 3 heliports are accessible, one of which is specifically designed for airship docking and storage. Uncontrolled tower and Terra fuel available.

Che Che Airfield is located atop the apartment tower known as the Che Che Tower Complex. A public swimming pool is located above the resident floors accessible from the airport facility or teleport. Future developments are in the planning stages and may bring mixed-use tenancy to Che Che.

Permissions Edit

  • Anyone may build, rezz, or fly here.
  • 300+ prim count available
  • 240 minute autoreturn
  • No restrictions on chat, privacy in airport.
  • Damage enabled

Facilities Edit

  • Taxiway, 3 Hangars and 3 helipads are available for temporary parking by transient aircraft. 4 hour auto return.
  • Teleports are provided for use by all, including access to a shooting range, swimming pool, and sandbox.
  • A lounge is located right on the tarmac, and contains a bar, hangman game, relaxing hot tub, live radar views and maps for your down time in between flights.
  • SA Transponder Equipped Radar
  • PAPI Lighted runway, lighted helipads 24 HR
  • Terra fuel
  • Tower, uncontrolled.
  • 24HR lounge staff, Blake the Beagle.

Hazards Edit

  • A land orb due north of the runway in Ling. Fly NW heading after sim crossing out of Che Che to avoid. However, longer delay time allows most faster aircraft to fly through without incident.
  • The shooting range has been recently decontaminated from a latent n-RNA type zombie virus outbreak that was infecting patrons. It has been reported safe recently, but caution, hollow-point ammunition and fully-automatic weapons are advised.

    Che Che Airfield and Tower Complex