"Coastal Air Airways (ICAOCST / IATA: CS / Call-sign: COASTAL) Is a virtual air non-commercial company in Second Life ®. Coastal Air is owned by Chris Wolf. It serves the Second Life® grid with travel between all airports and Locations across all the mainland continents. Using Concept and Versatile aircraft.

Background Edit

Established in October of 2016, Coastal Air Airlines is an Airline like never before. We are a Franchised Airline, Though we are Non-profit, Coastal Air gives out Management opportunity. Coastal Air's pilots are responsible for making their own schedules, flight times, etc. Started out on two Small Docks in St Martin, Coastal Air Airlines moved up to a brand new Facility in Phoenix Valkyrie Airport. Where She resides to this day. Now it is 2019, And Coastal Air is now known as Coastal Air Airways. With really not so high demand for larger jets, Coastal Air still relies on the versatile.

Hours of Operation Edit

now opened 24 hours

Times and closings are subject to change at anytime by the discretion of Coastal Air Airways

Coastal Air HUBS Edit

Maintenance and Headquarters

  • Phoenix Valkyrie Airport (Main Satori Base of Operations)
  • Fiji Island Airport (Main Offices/ Natulus/Blake Sea Base operations)

Passenger Terminals

As of right now any Airport that allows General Aviation Aircfrat and carries passengers we will fly into

Destinations Edit

We fly through The Majority of the Airports in the mainland continents, however, we also offer Airport to Door Service. Yep!! Our Aircraft can land right onto your driveway or beach, etc. We Also fly to the above Coastal Air HUBS with the check-in desk experience.

Fleet Edit