Cost Del Este Regional Airport (ICAO: SLCR) is a public airport in `Hrosskell` region, Satori continent.

Landing Advisories

  • Currently only approach is from the south east, we advise that you use the region Loorq south of our airfield to properly orient your craft for approach.
  • If you are in a small craft capable of landing in a small distance (STOL, Sport tri-gear/tail draggers) and do not need the entire runway, please exit the runway using Taxiway Bravo as soon as able. Due to space constraints, this alleviates issues with congestion or going head-on with aircraft holding short for departure on 17SE. Use your best judgement.
  • If a go-around is necessary, please take a N-NE heading and circle around the land mass to try for another landing.
  • We do not have a displaced threshold, nor do we have a long runway, The largest crafts we can accommodate are equal or less than the size of a ZSK LJ45.
  • To promote accuracy and a bit of a challenge, we have numerous palms lining our area. Be Attentive to wingspan!
  • Sea Planes! Please use Region Loorq for water landings, and taxi in via the western channel of our airfield.


Costa del Este is modeled after many of the challenging, coastal and beachfront airfields littered along the Central American landmasses. We enjoy a relaxed, calm, and realistic atmosphere!


Currently, 0

Facilities and services

Pilots' facilities

  • 'Taxi to' style Pilots lounge and flight planning area within the terminal complex
  • Fueling station
  • Helipads x2
  • Public Off Ramp dirt parking areas x2
  • Rentable shacks with parking x2
  • Rentable Hangars x4
  • Rentable off ramp dirt parking x3

General facilities

  • Large Eastern dock area suitable for small to medium watercraft
  • Beach area
  • Public Lounge


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