The DLM AW13X Libelle is a three-bladed, single-engined helicopter designed and created by DLM Aerospace.


The AW13X Libelle was an original 100% mesh design by aircraft builder, Darsh Lucero. The aircraft comes equipped with fully working cockpit, customizable handling, keyboard/mouselook steering, guest/group usage mode, eighteen embedded paint styles, six embedded upholstery options, retractable landing gear, optional floats, full navigation lighting, and a fuel system. The AW13X carries up to five passengers plus two crew members for a total of seven passengers.


  • Functional cockpit instruments.
  • Navigation & landing lights.
  • Retractable landing pods, optional floats for amphibious use.
  • Keyboard or Mouselook operation.
  • Customizable controls response levels and more.
  • Guest/group usage mode.
  • 18 embedded paint styles, 6 embedded upholstery options.
  • Fuel system.
  • Materials ready.