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Dragon Port Regional Airport (ICAO: SLDP) was a large public airport in the Underfoot region of central Corsica.

Landing Advisories

  • None reported…


Opened in September, 2014, Dragon Port Regional Airport was a large single region airport with four gates, and twenty-seven hangers; all spread over three levels. The facility had a centrally located east-west runway, leading off to an expansive terminal building on the north edge of the airport and rental hangars to the south. Inside, the airport was equipped with airline check-in desks, as well as space for avionics vendors and a bar/lounge named Empire. Underground, the airport had numerous rental hangars and water-access for seaplanes. After several months operating, the airport was discovered closed in November 2014.

An effort to build a new airport in the Jorgie region of southwestern Nautilus was abandoned in late February 2015 and the land sold.


There are no longer scheduled services to and from Dragon Port Regional Airport, as of November 2014.

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