Dragonair is a virtual non-commercial airline in Second Life®. Dragonair serves the Second Life® Grid with commuter travel between regional airports in the Blake Sea, Nautilus, Satori, Corsica, and Sansara continents.


Dragonair was founded in fall of 2013, originally operating as the private charter service Rova Airways. In January of 2014, the charter service experienced a major influx of passengers and popularity, and the airline changed its name to Dragonair in order to become a mainstream Passenger Airline in Second Life®.


It has since become one of the largest airlines in Second Life®, opening hubs at Aleksandr International and Grenadier. In addition, Dragonair intends to open its own airport in Corsica - Dragon Port Regional, which will function as the airline's main center of operations. Dragonair is also a co-founder of the Second Life Airline Alliance (along with Harmaa Susia Airlines and Eagle Airways), a coalition of airlines working together to expand and improve service across the grid of Second Life®.

Offering a wide variety of destinations and aircraft, Dragonair has regularly scheduled flights during weekdays, with limited flights available on weekend nights. Passengers can also schedule a private charter by contacting Rova or Piper. All flights are free of charge, and purely for the fun and enjoyment of flying in Second Life. In addition to its passenger service, Dragonair also operates a small cargo division within its operations range.


  • Dragonair gate at Aleksandr International.
  • The Dragonair DC-3 Skytrain
  • A Dragonair CRJ-700 at Grenadier International
  • A group of Dragonair fleet craft at Aleksandr International
  • The Updated Dragonair Logo
  • Dragonair Gate 02 Exterior

Airports in Second Life® served by Dragonair include:


As of December 2014, the Dragonair fleet includes the following aircraft: