The Dunne D.8 (sold as Dunne Biplane) was one of a series of tailless swept wing biplanes. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the D.8 was based on the real-life Dunne D.8, designed by J. W. Dunne in 1911.


John William Dunne (1875–1949) was an Anglo-Irish aeronautical engineer and author. As a pioneering aeronautical engineer in the early years of the 20th century, Dunne worked on many early military aircraft, concentrating on tailless designs, producing inherently stable aircraft.

The D.8 was a tailless four bay unstaggered biplane with its wings swept at 32°. he outer interplane struts were enclosed with fabric, forming fixed side curtains that provided directional (yaw) stability. Wing tip elevons were used for control, operated by a pair of levers, one either side of the pilot. The D.8 initially used just a pair of these, mounted on the upper wing, a rectangular cutout in the side curtains allowing for their movement as on the D.5.


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