The E-Tech Blue Skys (ICAO: C172 / WAKE: LIGHT) is a four seat, single engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft. Created in Second Life by E-Tech, the aircraft was loosely based on the real-life Cessna 172 Skyhawk, built by the Cessna Aircraft Company.


An original design by E-Tech, loosely based on the Cessna 172, the Blue Skys is equipped with three doors (one front, two rear) and four seats placed back-to-back. The aircraft's control surfaces, including flaps, ailerons and rudder are animated, as is its single propeller engine. As with most E-Tech light aircraft, the Blue Skys has an optional particle-smoke emitter with six possible colors of smoke trail.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD) with:
    • Engine on/off, lights, airbrake, flaps, camera control, and smoke switches.
  • Exterior lighting (navigation lights).
  • Animated components (control surfaces, propeller, front and rear doors).
  • Optional smoke trails (x6 colors).
  • Permission modes: Owner, Group or Everyone.


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