The Edgley Optica (ICAO: OPCA / WAKE: LIGHT) is a British light aircraft designed for observation work. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the Optica was based on the real-life Edgley EA-7 Optica.


The Edgley Optica was developed in London and first flew in December of 1979. Its first appearance was at the 1981 Paris Airshow. The Design allowed the pilot and passengers to have a 270 degree panoramic view, and almost a vertical downward view. Because of its slow speed and stability the Optica's roles were to be for photography, surveillance, traffic reporting, power-line inspection, and so on. It was able to do a helicopters work with a fixed wing economy, and range.

Orders were placed almost immediately. However, a stall-induced crash on 15 May 1985, and the resulting bankruptcy caused production to cease. Later the company reformed, but a case of arson destroyed almost all of the remaining aircraft. To this day out of the 25 aircraft made, only 5 are still flying.

The Velocity-built Optica was released in four separate paint-schemes; a yellow version, a blue version, a white version, and a red, white and blue variant. All four are sold separately.


  • Navigation, Beacon, Strobe Lights
  • Moving Rudder, and Elevator
  • Rolling Wheels
  • Opening Canopy
  • Two Place Seating
  • Water Crash Detection
  • Custom Sound
  • Optimized Sim crossings
  • Dual Flight Mode