The Eurocopter EC-135 (ICAO: EC35 / WAKE: LIGHT) is a twin-engine civil helicopter. Created in Second Life by Spijkers & Wingtips, the aircraft was based on the real-life Eurocopter EC-135 manufactured by Eurocopter.


The real-life Eurocopter EC-135 is a light utility helicopter of German origin, which first flew on 15 February 1994. The EC-135 is capable of flight under instrument flight rules (IFR) and is outfitted with digital flight controls. Since entering service in 1996 over a thousand aircraft have been produced and it is widely used by police/ambulance services and for executive transport.

Spijkers & Wingtips's Eurocopter EC-135 comes equipped with three interchangeable liveries (white, red and blue), optional floatation system, mouse-look steering, FlySafe mode, working lighting/doors, and combat system for damage simulation (VICE). It also comes in an ADAC Rescue Helicopter variant which adds a working winch with dual harness and rescue basket. Like all S&W helicopters, the aircraft uses an incremental collective/cyclic flight system and is fully modifiable.


  • Pilot's heads-up display (HUD).
  • Working lighting (strobe, navigation and beacon lights).
  • Guest, group, and co-pilot modes.
  • Customizable paint.
  • FlySafe mode (optional).
  • Floats (optional).
  • Winch system with dual harness and rescue basket (SAR variant only).


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