The Dassault Falcon 7X (ICAO: FA7X / WAKE: MEDIUM) is a large-cabin, long range trijet. Created in Second Life by EG Aircraft, it was based on the real-life Falcon 7X manufactured by Dassault Aviation. The replica aircraft comes in a golden and white variant, each sold separately.


Released in September 2011, the EG Aircraft Falcon 7X has been reproduced for Second Life as an attachment vehicle constructed with sculpted prims. The landing gear, flaps, lights and staircase are functional. Controls for the outer door, position lights, landing gear, flaps, and engines are grouped on the dashboard as push-buttons. Consequently, it is possible to fly the aircraft without the provided heads-up display (HUD) attachment if desired.


  • Pilot/co-pilot's heads-up display (HUD) attachment.
  • Sharable controls with co-pilot.
  • Transponder.
  • Radio # 119,200 Mhz (Gridtalkie - radio system "you / Air traffic control" via chat).
  • Management of the flight plan (with radio communication).
  • GPS.
  • TCAS (anti collision system).
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System).
  • Fuel Management (self-refuelling system).
  • Flaps and slats (affects flight behaviour).
  • Air brakes (automated control) and parking brakes.
  • Latch lock (prevents unwanted opening and closing).
  • Animated components (switches, instruments, landing gear, window curtains, and interior/exterior doors).
  • Interior lighting (cabin and cockpit lights).
  • Exterior lighting (navigation, landing, and strobe lights).
  • x3 interior versions included (Travel, Desk, Bed)
  • Boarding authorization passengers and co-pilot system (can refuse boarding to an unwanted avatar).
  • x4 pilot/co-pilot camera modes.
  • x2 passenger camera modes (chat command).
  • Bar and individual drinks with drink delivery script.