The Fantrainer 600 (ICAO: FANT / WAKE: LIGHT) is a two-seat flight training aircraft which uses a mid mounted ducted fan propulsion system. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the Fantrainer was based on the real-life RFB Fantrainer 600.


The Fantrainer 600, developed in Germany in the late 1970's. Used as a trainer to give a efficient, and silent "jet" feel. Using a mid mounted ducted fan for propulsion, it beat out the Pilatus PC7 as the best solution for a trainer aircraft. Unfortunatly Germany had commited to purchasing US fighters for training, and so no orders were placed for the aircraft. Later the Rhein-Flugzengbau sold the design to the Fanjet Aviation GmbH, and it was re-named the "Fanjet 600".


  • Retracting landing gear.
  • Functional canopy.
  • Navigation lights.
  • Pilot/co-pilot flight modes.