The Farman III is a pioneer era vintage aircraft. Created in Second Life by Velocity Aeronautics, the biplane was based on the real-life Farman III, built in France by Henry Farman in 1909.


The Farman III, also known as Henry Farman 1909 biplane, was a pusher biplane with a single forward elevator and originally had a cellular tailplane and ailerons on all four wings. It first flew in April 1909 powered by a 50 hp (37 kW) Vivinus 4-cylinder inline engine. Farman soon introduced an open tailplane with trailing rudders and an extended-span upper wing and a lightweight four-wheel landing gear. Farman also replaced the engine with the new and more reliable 50 hp (37 kW) Gnome rotary engine.

The Farman III had enormous influence on European aircraft design, especially in England. Drawings and details of the aircraft were published in England by Flight magazine and it was so widely imitated that its layout became referred to as the "Farman Type". Among these aircraft are the Bristol Boxkite, the Short S.27 and the Howard Wright 1910 Biplane. The Bristol aircraft was so close to Farman's design that he considered legal action. Farman was rewarded by commercial success, and many examples of the type were sold.