Flux Airlines is a virtual commercial airline based at Second Life International Airport Owned and operated by maritime entrepreneur, Dekator Flux, the airline specializes in offering a comprehensive roleplay experience for passengers; with detailed features such as booking airline tickets, checking luggage, security checks, and boarding procedures. Rather than utilizing large airliners, Flux owns a fleet of small fixed-wing aircraft and operates primarily across the Blake SeaNautilus, and Satori continents.


Although officially founded in 2014, the foundations of Flux Airlines were laid by Dekator Flux in 2012 with the purchase of a Cessna 421 Golden Eagleand a rental hangar at New Horizons Airport. In 2013, the proto-airline expanded, adding two more aircraft to its growing fleet, as well as a custom-designed logo and livery. It was at this time that the airline's home-base was re-located to Second Life International Airport . A further expansion occurred during 2014, as Flux doubled the size of his existing facility, added an executive-class jet to the fleet and decided to officially go public as Flux Airlines.

As a commercial airline, Flux Airlines has attempted to overcome the problem of encouraging residents to pay for flights by offering a very comprehensive roleplay experience to passengers. Expanding the immersiveness of in-flight roleplay, airline management created the Airlines Passenger Maintenance System™ (APMS) - an automated, yet very detailed, way of immersing passengers from their arrival at the ticket counter. The APMS adds details such as ticket purchases, checking bags, boarding calls, and pre-flight security checks. Once onboard, passengers are treated to a plush and relaxing environment with drinks and snacks available on request.


  • Chief of Staff, Captain Dekator Flux (2014).
  • Regional office at Second Life International Airport.
  • Some of the Flux Airlines fleet.
  • Flux Airlines' Embraer Phenom 100.
  • Front desk & baggage check/claim areas.
  • Maintenance department & work area.
  • Another view of baggage claim area.
  • The gate agents station for scanning tickets and boarding control.
  • Flux Airlines passenger waiting area.
  • Boarding gate.
  • Pilots lounge & executive conference room.
  • Flux Airlines regional office front entrance.
  • Lower level baggage handling department.
  • Lookout balcony and waiting area for passengers.
  • Flux Airlines helicopter landing pads.

As of September 2014, airports in Second Life® served by Flux Airlines include:


As of September 2014, the Flux Airlines fleet includes the following aircraft: