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Forkbeard International Airport (ICAO: SLFO) was a mid-sized single-runway public airport located in the 'Forkbeard' region of north-eastern Nautilus.

Landing Advisories

  • None reported...


Constructed in December 2014, Forkbeard International Airport lies on the edge of the Coastal Waterway separating mainland Nautilus from the privately operated Seychelles Estate. The facility was equipped with a single 250m x 20m asphalt runway and was designed to accommodate regional jet airliners such as the Embraer E170. Running alongside the runway was a spacious apron, along with (initially) a refuelling station, four hangars, emergency services, and a small administrative building with ATC tower.

In early March 2015, the airport was heavily renovated - resulting in the demolition of all the original buildings and the construction of five new rental hangars and a new terminal building with two public gates (with static jet bridges), security check areas, four airline check-in counters, and six office/retail spaces. In addition, the airport's tarmac was expanded to the east to accommodate the new structures and three rental tie-down spaces for small aircraft. Underneath the airport, space for a large marina was created with boat/seaplane slips for rent.

The airport closed and taken down in early June 2015 and a new owner began construction of an airport on the site, but it never officially opened and was taken down on or about the 26th of June 2015.


No flights.

Facilities and services

No facilities or services; airport closed.