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Frank Jack Fletcher Airfield (ICAO: SLFF) is a single-runway public airport located in the 'Hyojong' region of central Jeogeot. The facility is a General Aviation/Regional passenger facility situated at the south end of the Jeogeot Gulf.

Landing Advisories

  • Content-restricted Airfield.
  • Ban line off end of 09 advise takeoffs on 27 and landings on 09 only


Constructed in January 2015, Frank Jack Fletcher Airfield is named after Frank Jack Fletcher (April 29, 1885 – April 25, 1973), a United States Navy admiral who fought in the Second World War. The facility is located on the continent of Jeogeot, approximately 2km due-south of its sister airfield, Wright Brothers Regional Airfield and has access to the Jeogeot Gulf combat zone.

The aerodrome is built in the same "County Regional Airport" style as Wright Brothers and is equipped with a single 245m x 20m asphalt runway. To the south of the landing surface there are rental tie-down spaces, and rental hangars, rental nissen huts and an ATC tower to its north. Where as Wright Brothers was constructed with a focus on creators Fletcher is more pilot centric, leaving a large open ramp for aircraft of many sizes.

In May 2016, Debi Dastardly and Aeon Voom took over co-ownership from Siris Vulpecula.

In February 2017, Aeon Voom became the sole owner.


Currently, there are no scheduled services operating to or from Eden Air Race Track, however charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.


Pilots' facilities

General facilities

  • x13 rental hangars.
  • x13 rental tie-downs.
  • x8 rental nissen huts.
  • ARFF provided by Crash Fire Rescue (CFR)