GOBYR Lifstaen Station (previously known as GOBYR Moldof Station in the 'Moldof' region) was a Search & Rescue base located in the Lifstaen region of northeast Nautilus.


GOBYR Lifstaen Station was a SAR base of the G.O.B.Y.R. (Grupo Operativo de Búsqueda y Rescate), a group composed of volunteers from Spain, Argentina, Ecuador and Chile. The station shared the same tarmac and runway with GOBYR Unity Airport.

In mid-April 2016, the GOBYR SAR Station, as well as GOBYR Unity Airport, relocated from Moldof to the adjacent Lifstaen region, where they could enjoy a larger parcel, with longer runway accessible from Linden Protected Waterway on the southern and eastern sides.

As of October 2017, GOBYR Lifstaen Station had been dismantled.


The staff at this station was:


The equipment of this station was:

  • x3 helipads (1 public)
  • First aid room (on the beach)
  • Dock and seaplane ramp
  • Bell 429 EMS
  • D-109 SAR