GDT Logo (Large)

Global Dynamics Technologies logo.

Global Dynamics Technologies (GDT) is a consortium of established Second Life companies which are geared towards aircraft, vehicle, and weaponry production.


Founded in December 2010, the consortium comprises of Amok Dynamics, Darsh Lucero Meccanica (DLM), East West Industries (EWI), Tumansky Heavy Industries (THI), and PROTEC.

Their resources and expertise pooled together within GDT, all the companies and brands continue to retain their own separate identity and product specialization. GDT provides a common platform for the above mentioned brands to work together and collaborate.

Each company continues to offer the products that they are known for in Second Life. They are:

  • AMOK: Modern aircraft and military equipment
  • DLM: Civilian aircraft and helicopters
  • EWI: Guns and infantry weapons
  • PROTEC: Civil ground vehicles
  • THI: "The Golden Age of High Style" 1912 -1945