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Gordon Regional Airport

Gordon Regional was completed in January of 2017. and resides in Gordon on the continent of Sharp. It is a moderately sized regional airport with two runways.


  • There is a no-entry parcel one sim east of runway 09/27, in Martin. Avoid this parcel on departures and approach. Larger aircraft which require longer approach paths should use 18.
  • As there is a no-entry parcel east of 18, and a short distance to the void, it is not recommended to use 18 for departures.
  • A map with a regularly updated safe flight path to Gordon Regional's sister fields in Yarmouth and Reggiano can be found near the teleport landing point.


First Phase Construction

During early December of 2016 Gordon Regional's first phase of construction began. GRA's initial design was similar to it's final layout with the exception that its runways were dirt on Linden ground, and the only infrastructure consisted of two small hangars.

Second Phase Construction

During late December of 2016 the Linden terrain was covered with concrete and tarmac runways replaced the dirt. A third larger hangar was added to the field, which became vendor space. During this phase of construction an ATC tower was added.

Third Phase Construction

Around mid January 2017 a third phase of construction began which saw the addition of PAPI/VASI lights, a fourth hangar, a diner, and the replacement of some concrete sections with grass. During this phase a series of cliff faces were constructed to surround the plateau on which Gordon Regional sits.

Facilities and Services

Pilot's facilities

General Facilities

  • Large hangar w/vendor space
  • x2 rental hangars
  • "One-Eight Left" Pilot's club & diner (as of yet incomplete)
  • x1 public helipad
  • Emergency services (Fire, Police)