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Green Regional Airport (ICAO: SLGA) is a public airport on platform to 37m above Exhara region, south east Nautilus.

Landing AdvisoriesEdit

  • Airport is located on a platform 37m above the ocean, minimum recommended approach 60m.
  • Large wingspan aircraft advisory (narrow runway).
  • The red cross at the end of the runway is... the end of the runway... Only landing for runway 09.


Green Regional Airport change in 2016 from Batfish to Exhara region; the next information need chages by the owner.

"has two levels: the upper, to 100 meters high, and the lower level to 27 meters; at the top level we can find a very comfortable terminal, with two aircraft parking areas (medium size), fire department; and on the lower level we see a seaplane ramp and parking area, a marina, a recreational area with a disco and bowling, and helicopter and seaplane for guest."


The following list includes all airlines who maintain a presence at Green Regional Airport or operate scheduled services to and from the facility as of July 2015. Other non-scheduled charter flights may be available on request. Please contact airlines for more information.

Facilities and services Edit

Pilots' facilities Edit

  • Public rez zone.
  • Seaplane ramp.
  • x1 helipad.
  • Fuel station (DSA, Dani)

General facilitiesEdit

  • Marina
  • Disco